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crotchet / white yarn

My work is about magic, dream and virtual worlds  which we create in everyday life in our minds - consciously or unconsciously. I wanted to start by finding stillness and peace within me. What brings peace into everyday life... so that the mind does not wander astray by creating scenarios for future events that do not happen? Simplicity. Being in a meditative state, being completely absorbed in the flow of creation. This brings calm and stillness.

I had to create in a strange time, the pandemic - anxiety, where we are worried not only about ourselves but also our loved ones and how the world will react to the clutter and atmosphere of scandal fed by the media where “The web catches the spider” [Alan Watts].

I decided to let go. In this lock-down situation  I decided to do something meditative - crochet. Hide in peace and reflection,  focusing on the inner world, the small things of everyday life to see their beauty even more. I was doing laces like our grandmothers and mothers did in the past. They could sit all day to create a table cloth that not only exuded a wealth of patterns but also told stories - almost like tattoos. They presented life events. Some were a reflection of nature in which there are a lot of different patterns, repetitions, cycles. 

Photo credit to Ilona Wozniak

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