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sculpture, cotton thread, white fabric &

cushion filling

confusion feeling

 What is the origin of sin? The origin of sin is unconsciousness. Unconsciousness and different levels of it allowed the EGO to come forward to act and take control of our behaviour, act,

Ego is always hungry for more. It creates stress, comparison, jealousy, judgment, hate, anger, abstracted fear (the bad one, without fear we would not survive), worry and alienation. Actions from ego - wanting more – in a materialistic world creates monsters like WAR, meat overproduction. Our own mind, egotistical mind is killing own kind. Unconsciousness creates alienation. Karl Marx listed four alienations:


1. Alienation from nature - because we are destroying nature. Even people are against their own bodies.

2. Alienation from other people - less contact, trust, intimacy, sense of relationship, empathy. It creates illness: physical and mental.

3. Alienation from our work.

No meaning of what we are doing. It causes depression, anxiety, no balance. In this unhappy condition / attitude people are trying to find substitutes for meaning in: appearance (plastic surgery), addictions, collecting clutter, etc

4. Alienation from ourselves (from our gut feelings), confusion, lack.

Culture is telling us what is right,  wrong, good, bad, dangerous, safe, true, false. We must regain connection, to nature and self by empathy and compassion.

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