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Diamond Heads


A mood board for music video or video art about how ideas created by our mind prevents us to experience life itself. How we live in virtual world created by our conditioned perspectives.

The idea of our performance has root in NARCISSISM – pursuit of gratification from egoistic admiration of one's idealized self-image and attributes, referring to loneliness in social networks. An illusion of connectivity where on other site of the screen is a scream for love and understanding. Especially in nowadays.

   In our work I would like to represent default of human mind and how it plays us, how it uses us. It's our modern culture the tail wags the dog.

Most of the time we are operating by autopilot without our realization, without awareness that we are alive, that we are breathing. People barely notice the present moment and what is around them.

We are pursuit things that we do not need. Those are artificial needs. Modern culture creates it.

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