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 I like choosing all kinds of media to tell a story. Stories from my life, memories and subconscious. Everything is like a dream or an illusion to me. Throughout the painting process I observe a plot of my mind. Paintings are afterimages of dying story-lines which I let go. It gives me an incredible imagination and inventiveness to explore myself and others. Painting has become a source of meditation. Main topics in my art are past, lability of phenomena, disappearance, transparency,"tiny fissures in the continuous catastrophe". Reflections on human condition & criticism of the mainstream. At the same time there are glimpses of beauty in everyday life I try to capture. As an outsider I take the role of crazy jester who is able to laugh at the absurdities of modern life. I seem to balance between two aspects of life: suffering & happiness, beauty & ugliness, but very often I'd like to blur the boundaries between them. With my sister Iwona we developed a project called Digestive Sistem. It consists of spontaneous performances where the camera is the only witness. The purpose of these actions is catharsis, freeing oneself from infirmity and disability, recovering from imposed forms and styles of life by reconnecting to one's inner being, one's original essence, seeking answers on one's own.

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